Saturday, September 5, 2009


So I received some pics off of friends and families' cameras from the wedding. I will start posting more pics when I get the professional ones back..which I cannot wait for!!!

A mini update is:

I am officially Mrs. Semans :) (Except we haven't turned in the marriage cert. yet lol) I absolutely love being together, living with him (finally! Because we didn't do it before marriage) and all the fun things that come along with it.

I cannot believe the weddding has come and gone already! Honestly, sometimes it makes me sad to think its over already, after all that planning. lol. Thank God, I wasn't a stressed bride and rarely stresssed through the process or I'd be totally bummed! My dress is just handing in the closet because I havent had time to do anything with it! lol

So advice for upcoming brides: Unless a something major happens: the day will go perfect, it will be like your fairytale. Don't stress on the small stuff before the wedding.. and dont stress on ANYTHING the day of the wedding. Just enjoy all of it because that will be the fastest but best day of your life!!! And the most important part is your marrying your best friend; not so and so is coming or not coming, someone did this, etc. It doesn't matter. Trust me :)

After the wedding we went on our mini-moon for a few days in Reno/Tahoe area and then a few days of pampering. I will get into that more when I post those pictures!!! But it was a blast and a much needed vacation!

Now real life has completely set in. I got a great new job... as a medical assistant in a pediatric office, and so far I love it. This was my first week of working full time again in 3 months, so it's great. (Gonna be better when I get my pay check :) lol. It is really tough on the feet right now because I'm standing for 8 hours a day, but that will totally get better next week!

Along with job, trying to move my stuff in ( because its still at my parents house), and cleaning up the apt from all the presents we received, oh yea and adjusting to living with my new husband (who isnt the cleanest thing in the world :) lol, I started school on the week of my wedding too!!! So this past week I've been trying to play catch up to the two weeks I missed and it has been tough! I study at lunch, when I get home, and now on the weekends! Once I catch up to the work, I'm hoping to get in a routine of things so I can actually spend time with my husband :) lol

Okay, So I uploaded these onto my Picasa thing... so check out the pics from the wedding! Hopefully the pro ones will be here soon!
I can't wait to catch up on all your guys' blogs! My reader is FULL!


Wedding Pictures - Tackett