Monday, July 11, 2011

Anyone still there?

Hi there!!! So if you are still around, cause it says that I have 48 followers still... I dont want you to miss out!
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Promise you'll enjoy :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am really late on posting this.. but I just found out today. A lot of you remember Garrett, or states of changes blog. He was always so encouraging and so positive to be around. He was doing the daily weightloss struggle with the rest of us, but he was so positive about it.
Garrett died in September from heart failure.
My prayers go out to the friends and family of this young man. He was only 28 and will be truly missed!!!!!!!!

Life is too short, live it to its fullest!!!

new blog!!

hi guys! I have a new blog.. check it out! I wont be checking this one as much!

Sunday, March 7, 2010



These are from my phone.. so forgive the crapiness lol. So Matt & I adopted a puppy :) We've been talking about a puppy for what seems like forever.. but just couldnt agree on one. So Saturday the Pet Express place was having adoptions at the store so we decided to go in and take a look. The part that I hate.. is I SUCK at just looking. I cannot tell you how many times I've gone to a shelter, pound, or adoption place and wanted to take them all home. I should really own a farm... is about how many cats and dogs I would've taken home by now. lol

Anyway, so we go to Pet Food Express and there are a few puppies there.. that of course I fell in love with, but Matt didn't really fall for any of them. So we decided to go to lunch adn try something new. So we went downtown and parked and walked around to find a healthy lunch to grab. We walk by this pet place (that I've driven by and kind of laughed at before, because this is the type of shop that I was positive was super expensive.. and had clothes for there pets. Now I was the type of person who was NOT getting a "rat" dog adn NOT having my puppy wear clothes. *Notice pic above, obviously did not work out this way lol*) and outside of that shop they too were having an adoption fair with a few cats and quite a few dogs. There were three or four larger dogs and two smaller ones. Matt instantly fell in love with the dog named "Baby", he was a Rottweiler and Shepard mix and she was absolutely gorgeous! But she was pretty big!!! adn We live in an apartment and work during the day... we decided against her (even though Matt didnt want to part ways) because it would not be fair for a dog with that much energy and that big to be cooped up 8 hours a day in an apartment.

Then, I fell in love with Mr. Sox (see above). He is a chihuahua and terrier mix. He is a little guy who has def had a tough life. Him and his entire litter (all 8 of them) were locked in one kennel adn found wihtout food or water. When Sox was rescued, he was filled with ticks and was little. When I was told about that story, I had to have him and take care of him. He is super shy and timid right now, but his foster mom said he warms up well.. so right now his tail was between his legs but I cannot wait to see it wag and be excited to see me :)

So I'm done bragging about him but we are absolutely in love with him. We have already spoiled him with toys, and yes, outfits. lol matt is totally in love with him too. And honestly, its super cute to see matt all excited about him.... brings me hope for the future with kids lol.

So my weightloss is still going steady, I do apologize for never be on here.. but life is crazy busy!!! I will post soon on my weightlostt venture and biggest loser faith edition.

Love ya all!! Cant wait to read all your posts about how you guys are keeping up with it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Almost the New Year!

Today... 20 minutes on the Elliptical while starting "Julie & Julia". I hadn't eaten or made dinner and was exhausted, so I hopped off. I need a really good nights sleep :) Soon hopefully!! For dinner was 1 cup broccolli, 5 oz. boneless pork chop, 1 cup rice with soy sauce, and 1/2 cup of mushroom soup... It felt really good, cause I was hungry. I really want to eat more calories during the day and not at dinner.. but working as a Medical Assistant doesn't exactly give me time to aside from lunch.. Any ideas on how to make this happen?? Sorry so short, I'm going to bed :) And if I don't post soon, then HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

and here's to more of this :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Whoop Whoop!

"Only exercise can take care of the calories you've already eaten"
I read that at Weight Watchers changed my life's blog and loved that quote!! I thought it was great!

I currently weigh 263.3 which I started all of this on December first when I was 276!! which is 13 pounds!!!!!!! HELLO!! Those 13 pounds were just from eating super clean and healthy. I did make a few tweaks to my lifestyle aside from the eating healthy..
1) Water.. I am drinking at LEAST the 64 oz of water a day
2) Soda.. I can't tell you when the last time I drank it was.
3) Candy... Can't really tell you wehn that was either (Although during Christmas I did take a bite of a few sweets.)
4) Taking the stairs to work adn anywhere else I need to go.
5) Was walking during lunches but now its cold and rainy, so I will go to the gym instead.
6) Making all my meals, writing down what is put into my mouth, and using to track my calories! (Love it)
7) IT IS VERY IMportant for me to not feel deprived, so if I want something, I take a bit of it.. If I want more then 3 bites (Normal, not supersized) is my max but normally its just the one bite so I don't feel deprived, especially since the family eats like I used to.. so unhealthy. lol
8) My attitude has changed. Dramastically. I feel as though this isn't just a diet, it's an actual life change.. which means I consider what I put in my mouth as energy and fuel, for the most part (Aside from those bites I mentioned above). If I'm not hungry then I won't eat, but if it has been awhile since I've eaten I'll have a power snack.
9) Making my own food.. helps dramatically with finances and calories. I measure all my portions and don't eat that much fattening food. Also, I switched my white rice to brown rice, white bread to grained bread, butter to smart balance, eggs to egg whties, etc. These little changes have really added up I think.
10) Now that I am the one in charge of the kitchen.. I can control what is in it.. Of course my husband can buy what he needs to buy, but since I'm the one who mainly cooks, then I cook healthy. I control what goes in my kitchen, what temptations are around, and what goes in my mouth.

I just feel different. It really is great. I have shrunk very much, which is why I wanted to crunch down on the exercise.. but it just feels good. I have more energy and am looking forward for the day and what else I can do to make this weight come off for good. I am reading a lot of health magazines adn looking fro new recipes all the time. MY husband and I are on a budget, so shopping healthy is one of our priorities.. I told him I don't mind having a big grocery bill as long as the items on that bill are healthy, can be used for multiple meals, adn won't go bad. But if I spend money on junk.. then its not worth it to me.

My wishlist: A personal trainer for a few sessions to show me what to do when i work out by mysely, switch from Bally Fitness to a new gym with more classes (I'm thinking Zumba?!?!), a treadmill machine for home or a nice one at the gym... I won't get these for awhile due to the finances, but a girl can dream right!? lol

I will try and get better at my blogging and try and catch up with all you girls posts. Life is just crazy :)


Now I am beginning to add the workout and exercise to my routine.