Friday, June 12, 2009


One of my favorite blog friends Kirby at the GoodGalsInc tagged me in this "5 Things You Love About Summer" tag! If you haven't visited Kirby's blog.. then I def recommend you go do so.. NOW! :) She's a great girl!

Here are my top 5 Things....

1) My wedding!

So obviously, I am not going to get married every summer, but this summer I cannot wait to get married! It is less than two months away and smack dab in the middle of summer.. which is a good thing and bad :) We are going to have a blast!

2) Snow Cones!

Ok, So I totally borrowed this from Kirby.. but great minds think alike. I love, love, love snow cones. There are an easy way to cool off and a fun treat for the kids (or just the kids at heart :) There is a snow cone shack in downtown that has totally random hours but I would drive the long way home from school just to see if they were open! lol.

3) Ice Cream!

So obviously there is a trend in calories here.. but ice cream is right up there with snow cones! Who doesn't enjoy a simply ice cream cone on a hot sunny day? Everyone, right!?! What is better is home made ice cream :) my friend Tanya and her mom, Marie used to make homemade vanilla ice cream for us every summer. It was delicious! Now Marie makes it for us everytime we go up there :)

4) Family & Friend BBQ!

So yes.. the calorie trend is still contiuing on my list. No wonder I need to loose some weight :) But really I love family & friend bbq's because I love spending time with them! My parents house has always been the bbq spot.. the kids swim, while the adults watch and talk. When we get our house after the wedding, I cannot wait to host bbq's and fun events :) It'll be a new summer tradition!

5) The Beach!

The beach is just the relaxing place to be. I love water and the ocean, so it only makes sense that the beach would be on my top 5! Even though I hate suiting up in a bathing suit (that'll all change soon!), I would gladly do it if I knew we were going to the beach! :) I love sitting and listening to the ocean, swimming with friends/family, or just having a picnic next to the ocean!

If I were to pick a #6, it would be 4th of july! I love fireworks. I love the 4th. I love camping, cause that's what we are usually doing that week. I love red, white, and blue :) What can I say? I'm a patriot!

The 6 Lovely ladies I tag are:

Mrs buckingham!
August 15 bride

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2 lbs down!

Okay, so 2 lbs is reallly realllly not that BIG of a deal.. but it's day 4 on my diet.. and I lost 2 lbs!!! That's exciting for me, becuase I am SOO over this body. Please, tell me some of you guys have just gotten to the point where you r like disgusted with how you let yourself go? That's how I've been feeling lately, but instead of being bummed about it.. I decided to DO something about it. So I am taking one day at at time.. and just going with it. Right now I am finishing my first shipment of Nutrisystem and adding produce and fresh fruit to it. I'm still debating on ordering a second box though.. so we will see. They charge $50 dollars to cancel. I kind of think I just want to order the 2nd box and then cancel and see what happens. That will be 2 months until my wedding and 2 months of the food. How does that sound? I'm also thinking of adding ALLI to it as well.. because none of the food I eat is over 10 grams of fat each meal. The only problem with that is that if you don't eat right it may have "Side effect" and those are not too pretty, if you know what I mean. (Warning: TMI) and with all the spinach, salad, broccoli, etc that I have been eating.. I am already regular, if you know what I mean :) A little too regular, which makes me nervous for when I find a job, but oh well. So I don't want the side effects to clash adn me be miserable. Have any of you tried Alli before? What did you get out of it? Also, I learned something about myself yesterday, that I sort of already knew but... I'm an emotional eater. I eat when I'm bored, stressed, sad, etc. You name it, I eat it lol. So yesterday, my fiance and I got in our first major fight (Which is pretty darn good considering we've been dating for almost 2 years!) And I was a hot mess, I was stressed and sad and crying and just a mess. Before all this though, I had my motto of I am NOT starving myself, that never ever works for me. I was one of those kids growing up that if you told me no.. I 'd do it anywase and do it more! So I dont starve myself because then I would just want that bite of whatever more than I did before.
Does that make sense?
So anywayse.. back to the story. My lovely father brought home Popeye's Chicken! I was fine, because I dont like there mac n cheese and that's normally what I would have wanted to take a bite out of. But then the aroma of fried chicken filled the house.. and I was crying and stressed and what not. So instead of taking one bite, I had a whole chicken drumstick. Which I probably should not have had because I was eating it for the wrong reasons... but I already knew I was an emotional eater.. What I had learned from that is.. I didn't eat the whole bucket because I didn't let me emotions take over. I just had one piece and ok, that's fine. Then went on with it... Normally I would have probably grabbed a few pieces and wallowed in my emotions. But not anymore :) So that was sort of an accompishment for me. Not to mention, calorie wise.. it ended up working out because I went to my lil sister, Kameko (sister from another mister's :) graduation so I forgot to eat dinner. Case closed :) Do you guys go through emotional eating? OR stages like that? How do you get through them?? Well I am still in search of a job.. but like I said before I know the Lord will provide for me. So I have been doing all I can but in the meantime.. I'm focusing on me. I'm working out and eating healthy and getting to where I need to be. I did the 30 day shred on Monday and it kicked my butt.. so I havent done it since ;) But I am going to go walk to my cousins house to visit which is like 1.5 miles away. So I am slowly trying to add exercise into the daily routine. But keep my job situation in your prayers!! I NEED A JOB. Have a good day! Tell me what you think about all this :) Love ya guys! Oh, and PS Matt and I got through our first fight just fine and we are better now than we were before, if that is possible :)

Monday, June 8, 2009


So I've been taking pics on my phone lately.. cause my camera died and I can't find its charger.. but I have SOOO much to fill you guys in on!!! Remind me :) But for now.. Here's some random items from me to you :)

Oh, and when I get to 50 followers, I think I may do a random prize drawing, how does that sound?

So this is part of our centerpieces, we have ten of these (and the ones below) total. Then on the other 10 or 11 tables, we are going to do flowers and the typical centerpieces, I think? Not too sure yet. But they are totally cute and have scriptures on them. This one is Joshua 24:15.

This is the second one. The scripture is Romans 15:13. I'm excited to get creative with these bad boys. They come on glass mirrors that reflects the light perfectly. How long do those little candles last though?? Any ideas to make them last longer?!

Yes, once again I am starting over on the diet thing. Mainly for my health, but I also want me dress to fit on me better, and for my arms to look great in them! This is a salad, water, strawberries, and NutriSystem pizza. The pizza was actually really good lol. So wish me luck on my new journey again!!! Starting in at my heaviest EVER!

So of course with the new diet, comes new groceries! This is only $50 for all this food :) Fantastic!! I got enough to last me this whole week without anything spoiling, and if worse comes to worse I will go back and pick something else up!

God is amazing. This picture is the sunset from outside my house, on my driveway. It is beautiful. It just reminds me of how amazing He really is. Even though we don't always understand His ways or why he does things the way He does, but I have complete Faith in His ways. Also, a bonus is we baptized 17 people yesterday at our annual church picnic!! YES 17 PEOPLE! He is SO GREAT! This month is going to be a hard month, with Tanya & Erik's anniversary vastly approaching (speaking of which, what're we going to do for it? Hmm. I'll have to ask the rents) and things getting crazy with everything, But I Trust Him completely, which isn't an easy thing to do! :) He's also gonna help me get through this diet crapola too :)

My cousin Tracy! She was in the hospital.. and supposed to be in until she delivered. But now they are going to moniter her at home because her blood sugar level has been okay. I don't think I mentioned this previously, but she has Gestational Diabetes, and has had it for a month or two. So we're all praying for her to last full term with this baby! With her history (preclampsia, high BP, gestational diabetes, etc) she needs all the prayers she can get :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE These flowers. They are simply gorgeous. If I could afford them, they would be my main flower in the wedding. But since I can't they will be in my bouqet and I'm trying to find a fake but good looking flower to go in my hair exactly like this one. Any ideas???

Alright that's all for now folks. I'll check back soon!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Does anyone on here Twitter? So two of my best friends, Rosa and Tanya do it, and my man Matt does it... and they all enjoy it. So I'm just checking to see if any of you fine people do it.
If so, (what's the term?) 'Follow Me?" lol.
What is the point of it? I don't get it yet. Ive just stuck with the old fashioned myspace and facebook accounts. So we'll see how this works..

Any famous celebs your following?

Let me know :) I want in the loop :)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Another Statistic...

I lost my job. Fired. The End! Lol. It's only funny because I hated my boss.. not her as a person but the things I went through with her. It was unbearable. I'll give you the full scoop later, but we'll just say I'm Lawyering up!! But in all of this I can def say I LOVE my supporting family. They were pissed and I had my cousins calling me, friends, family lol. They all wanted to help me :) I'm special :) Lol Plus, I know an amazing Heavenly Father who loves me and I trust that it is all in His hands! :) <3>