Tuesday, April 28, 2009

E-Pics Up!!

SNEAK PEAK: Thanks to my fantabulous best friend, she helped me to sneak these from the photographers website for now.. more to come :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Where's the Love?!

So back in the day (before my break from dieting and such) I had tons of comments?!?! Now I have more followers but no comments. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm by no means a diva and need comments. But I want to make sure what I'm writing about is relatable (is that a word? lol) and current. Ya know?! So I'm going to go leave some love on all you guys' blogs and hopefully it'll be returned!!!

* I went to the gym on Monday, for the first time in forever... "foreeever" (like the sandlot kid). lol. I spent a half hour on the weight machines, which went fine because I enjoy that stuff. I didn't do any of the floor moves that the trainer taught me from last time (check it out here), because @ this Bally there's like a small area for floor exercises, and there's always trainers and buff people there. Lol. Yes, I was a little timid being back there again. Usually, however, I'm like whatever about it and could careless what I look like lol. I guess it's one of the benefits of being engaged. Anyway.... the problem errupted when I went to do the elliptical.

Before I was stupid, and stopped exercising regularly (meanning only a few months ago..) I was so proud of myself for doing like a half hour on the elliptical. Monday, I was struggling to do fifteen minutes. It was pathetic. I will excuse myself slightly, only because I didn't have any music to listen to.. but come on!! 15 minutes!

Also, on a sadder note.. I gained all my weight back from last time.. I am now up to 268 again. This time is worse though, because I have a wedding dress to fit into!!! HELLO! WAKE UP SAM! lol. that's what I feel like my body is yelling at me!

So here are a few new things I'm doing to change this:
1) I ordered Nutrisystem and received it in the mail today!! I actually have been wanting to do this for awhile now, but Ive been too broke. I still am pretty broke, but I will just be living super cheap til my next paycheck to help balance everything out again. My parents probably would have paid for it, had I asked, but I didn't want to ask them because I wanted to pay for it with MY money...that way if I screw up, it's MY money and my bad.. ya know? It made sense when I did it. lol.

2) I think I may talk to my dr about seeing a food psychologist kinda person. Because I know that most of the reason I allowed myself to get this big is due to my emotions and emotional eating. So I need to work that out with a professional, because I NEVER want to be this size again. Ever.

3) My clothes are getting a little tighter, which is okay for now.. because I kept all my "fat" girl jeans. However, now is a different story, when I get to an 18, I'll throw away my 20's.. when I get to a 16, I'll toss 18's.. etc. That way when I do get a little heavier.. then I work my ass off (excuse my french..pun intended) to get back into those jeans. I will leav 1 pair, cause when Aunt Flow visits... I blow up. lol

4) I need to revive my food journal.

5) I need my blog world support group back. You guys are the best!! What would you like me to post about?!? Food logs? Everything?! Etc.. let me know.

6) Thanks to loving her blog.. she's inspired me to start training my body. I need to push myself to do different things and find something that I love. I love dancing, and until I find a dance class that works with my schedule, I need to find something else. I will try running. I will start really small because I have a lot of weight to run with.. but hopefully, I will come to love it.. and eventually it will be easy for me. But I know right now, it is going to suck butt!!!!!! I hate running right now because it hurts, its painful on my knees and legs, but that will change.
If anyone finds a cheap treadmill, please let me know :)
Also, she gave a pretty cool tip about listening to books versus music! Do any of you guys do that?

I really hope that this time around the lifestyle changes actually change.. and stick!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



*I'm tired of not fitting into my clothes
*I'm tired of them getting, suddenly, tighter
*I'm tired of feeling tired
*I'm tired of this body that I have

**With all this said.. I'm jumping back on the healthy bandwagon! Wish my luck guys! I pray that this time it sticks indefinetely!!!!
*I ordered Nutrisystem yesterday and it should be here soon :)

I'm late! I'll post more later!

Monday, April 20, 2009



I've never heard of it before.. well like I've seen it, but didn't know it had a specific name?! and I saw this picture.. and fell in love with it! So we have now changed out colors to green, black, and ivory (we took out the brown). And we are putting elegant, subtle hints of this bad boy in our reception!

What do you guys think? Any ideas to incorporate it??


They were sooo much fun! This was only our first set, and it was hot as hades (90 degrees), but it was a blast!!! We started off at this warehouse building downtown.. it was sort of a rustic feel. I loved it. I love photography, so I'm totally into everything creative. Like we did our traditional poses, but I liked to spice it up a bit! Then, we went downtown some more.. down by the delta water. It was of course gorgeous, who doesn't love water? We did some poses with the water in the background, on the rocks, etc. While we were by the water, we also went to this grassy area.. it was pretty wierd, but I think the pictures turned out pretty cool. And then my favorite spot was the railroad track!!!! It was fun! Scary.. cause it's a working track.. but Thank God a train didn't come by while we were there.. just before and after! But some of the poses were perfect. The were romantic, sexy, fun, all at the same time!! I am so excited to get them back. Of course, I'll post it when they're back! Oh, and did I mention, the sunset was setting for half of it.. Gorgeous! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now on to the next shoot :)

**This isn't us.. yet! but similar to what we did!**

Friday, April 17, 2009


So my first set of engagement photos are going to be taken on Sunday!!! I am so excited! My photographer that we're meeting with is a little pricey, but it will be fun. We won this free shoot at a bridal fair we went to last month! There will be more shoots to come! But this is our first really fun wedding thing we've done, so we're excited!

We're going to stay in my hometown for this one. One of the shoots are going to be by an old building, to get some creative, young shots. The second will be downtown by the water and railroad tracks! I'm excited to see what kind of creative ideas she comes up with. I love photography and love like a photo-journalistic style of photography.. so I'm juiced!

Before Sunday I have to dye my hair, pick out 2 outifits and shoes, and be ready! Not to mention I work everyday until then.. so this should be interesting!! lol. What do you wear? I was thinking jeans with a black top and a white top.. I have to find a cute white top. I know that sounds boring.. but I don't know what else to do?! I may get my make up done professionally too :)

And I realized I haven't been leaving you any picture love.. so here are some cute shots I googled!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


There's four months until my wedding and I have
a venue (which was half the battle..) and food and invitations. and that's it!!
Mom picked out the cake, but we have yet to taste it and order it.
I have tons of photographer options.. but haven't settled on one yet!
We have our first engagement photo session this Sunday (Which I'm totally stoked for!! and speaking of which.. what should I wear?? What did you ladies wear for yours??)
My dress is purchased but not at all done.. My nonni is adding jewels and things to it!
The bridesmaid dresses are picked out and sized, but not ordered yet!!!
I'm still stressing like we're missing tons, and of course my mom doesn't help the situation much!! She's a little worry wort! lol
What am I missing?!? What should I do next?!! I'm really not freaking out about this..... but I just need some advice. We've never done a wedding (obviously) so we're a little new to this... and you all are pros :)

Thanks ladies!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blog Awards!!

So my fantastic friend has Kirby over at Good Gals, has given me two great awards. I too am so excited I found her blog and that we've become great friends!

So now I am returning the favor and passing out two awards and giving out one of my own!! I'm so excited to give them out and honor all the amazing blogs I've been reading! You ladies (and gents) are a kick in the pants and a blast to read!

First off,

I would like to pass this on to these wonderful women:
1. Good Gals Inc
2. HisMrs
3. Skinny
4. Stephanie


1. Good Gals Inc
2. HisMrs
3. Skinny
4. Stephanie
5. Rebecca
6. Jane

And Lastly..

1. Linda
2. Blue Eyed Bride
3. Budget Savvy Bride
4. Broke Ass Bride
5. Jane
6. Good Gals Inc

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This Sucks..

So this is me venting just a little...
I'm mad at you because your not here to help me maintain this craziness in life. Your not here to call and make fun of American Idol contestants. Your not here to give me good marriage advice and style advice. Your not here to help with the wedding. Your not here to laugh at my mom with my for being so stressed! Your not here to go to Costco, Walmart, or Target. Your not here to be my mom and I's best friend.
Your not here to hide the Resurrection eggs this Sunday and to have a "photo shoot" in the park.
Your not here to watch your babies grow up (but don't worry, we took that baton too!) Your not here to laugh at Erik with. He's not here to give marriage counseling He's not here to beat Glover at last election!! He's not here to be my Dad's best friend again! He's not here to talk sports and guy stuff with Dad and Matt. He's not here to constantly talk about food at church. (but have no fear, dad took that baton) But mostly your not here because your sitting at the right hand of the Father, without us, and we miss you. Terribly. It's not fair.. but soon it'll get harder to deal with.
So I guess you guys won.. you beat us there!

Monday, April 6, 2009


My great friend Kirby is giving away a fantabulous prize to get ready for summer! Be sure to check it out ASAP because the deadline to enter is fastly approaching!


Yay! Another thing to check off the list baby!! We did our invites on Friday... it took us 2.5 hours!! Yes, I said it, 2.5 hours!!! I'm totally ocd about those kinds of things because a) it is the first thing everyone will see about your wedding and b) I did yearbook/journalism for 4 years in high school... and I'd major in design if I wasn't doing Nursing! lol. Well needless to say..Matt had a completely different idea of what he wanted for the look. So we finally did compromise and I think they're great. (Not to mention, they're included in our wedding package.. even better!) So the font if going to be brown.. with a green ribbon.. and different kind of font but sort of similar to the picture below. And our monogram is going to go behind it!! Tell me what you think!