Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Almost the New Year!

Today... 20 minutes on the Elliptical while starting "Julie & Julia". I hadn't eaten or made dinner and was exhausted, so I hopped off. I need a really good nights sleep :) Soon hopefully!! For dinner was 1 cup broccolli, 5 oz. boneless pork chop, 1 cup rice with soy sauce, and 1/2 cup of mushroom soup... It felt really good, cause I was hungry. I really want to eat more calories during the day and not at dinner.. but working as a Medical Assistant doesn't exactly give me time to aside from lunch.. Any ideas on how to make this happen?? Sorry so short, I'm going to bed :) And if I don't post soon, then HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

and here's to more of this :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Whoop Whoop!

"Only exercise can take care of the calories you've already eaten"
I read that at Weight Watchers changed my life's blog and loved that quote!! I thought it was great!

I currently weigh 263.3 which I started all of this on December first when I was 276!! which is 13 pounds!!!!!!! HELLO!! Those 13 pounds were just from eating super clean and healthy. I did make a few tweaks to my lifestyle aside from the eating healthy..
1) Water.. I am drinking at LEAST the 64 oz of water a day
2) Soda.. I can't tell you when the last time I drank it was.
3) Candy... Can't really tell you wehn that was either (Although during Christmas I did take a bite of a few sweets.)
4) Taking the stairs to work adn anywhere else I need to go.
5) Was walking during lunches but now its cold and rainy, so I will go to the gym instead.
6) Making all my meals, writing down what is put into my mouth, and using to track my calories! (Love it)
7) IT IS VERY IMportant for me to not feel deprived, so if I want something, I take a bit of it.. If I want more then 3 bites (Normal, not supersized) is my max but normally its just the one bite so I don't feel deprived, especially since the family eats like I used to.. so unhealthy. lol
8) My attitude has changed. Dramastically. I feel as though this isn't just a diet, it's an actual life change.. which means I consider what I put in my mouth as energy and fuel, for the most part (Aside from those bites I mentioned above). If I'm not hungry then I won't eat, but if it has been awhile since I've eaten I'll have a power snack.
9) Making my own food.. helps dramatically with finances and calories. I measure all my portions and don't eat that much fattening food. Also, I switched my white rice to brown rice, white bread to grained bread, butter to smart balance, eggs to egg whties, etc. These little changes have really added up I think.
10) Now that I am the one in charge of the kitchen.. I can control what is in it.. Of course my husband can buy what he needs to buy, but since I'm the one who mainly cooks, then I cook healthy. I control what goes in my kitchen, what temptations are around, and what goes in my mouth.

I just feel different. It really is great. I have shrunk very much, which is why I wanted to crunch down on the exercise.. but it just feels good. I have more energy and am looking forward for the day and what else I can do to make this weight come off for good. I am reading a lot of health magazines adn looking fro new recipes all the time. MY husband and I are on a budget, so shopping healthy is one of our priorities.. I told him I don't mind having a big grocery bill as long as the items on that bill are healthy, can be used for multiple meals, adn won't go bad. But if I spend money on junk.. then its not worth it to me.

My wishlist: A personal trainer for a few sessions to show me what to do when i work out by mysely, switch from Bally Fitness to a new gym with more classes (I'm thinking Zumba?!?!), a treadmill machine for home or a nice one at the gym... I won't get these for awhile due to the finances, but a girl can dream right!? lol

I will try and get better at my blogging and try and catch up with all you girls posts. Life is just crazy :)


Now I am beginning to add the workout and exercise to my routine.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MidWeek Update

So I am definetly not going to be able to blog everyday like I used to...especially considering I was jobless when I was doing that. But here I am :)

So this week has been great progress in the life change part of my weeks. I am not doing anything super special right now as far as working out. I am eating very healthy and getting walks in as I can. As far as the fitness thing goes, I fully intend on adding that to my routine, but with school finishing for the semester, I am trying my best to finish off with great grades. So there's that excuse :) lol.

BUT Ok, I am not going to admit my whole weight number right now,... because it is pretty disturbing and of course my heaviest. So on Monday it ended with a six, when I measured it in the evening and then yesterday it ended with a four, and today it ended with a 2.6. Is that correct?? Did I really loose 3.4 lbs in three days?!?!? I guess I will let you know by the end of the week when I continue to weigh. I am going to try and weigh ins every day if not a few times a week. I think if I keep close track without obsessing over it, then it will be good for me. And so far I have denied most temptation... which is good considering Christmas time @ a Dr's office= Christmas presents for the Dr's that are given to their assistants (AKA ME!)) lol. And all presents to the dr's office for some reason are not at all healthy....

But I AM EXCITED about this... I need to keep this momentum up and keep this going. I need to loose this weight. For me, myself, and I, and my husband, and family, and future children :) Oh, and I want to make a goal to loose a certain amount of weight by the New Year... What do you think that weight should be? It was going to be ten pounds, but if I already lost three... then that maybe easier than I thought.. So Help :)

SOOOO What's going on with everyone else? How is everyone else's diet or changes going?? I miss reading everyone's blog, hopefully I can get to it soon!!!!


Monday, November 30, 2009

Post Thanksgiving!


I hope everyone had a fabulous, wonderful, excellent Thanksgiving day!! I sure did. It was a long but short weekend all at the same time, probably because I worked Wednesday and then half days on Friday and Saturday, so it completely threw me off. For Thanksgiving though, we finally had it at my aunts house, which is a blessing because they have the most people.. my family only has 4, so it makes sense. But every year is a big deal because we have like 50 people in my immediate family!! But it was great. The family was altogether, which is the best part of the day. :) After my families' thanksgiving, we went to Matt's dad's house for dessert.. but when we got there, they were carving the turkey. So I was all confused and not at all hungry, but I was polite anyway. lol. Then woke up again on Friday for work :) YES!!

By the way, right now I'm watching "Chelsea Lately" and she is freakin hilarious!!!

I just finished a workout on my Comcast OnDemand and can I say that it easily kicked my butt. Like I feel ten thousand pounds over weight lol. I'm just a hot mess. But today I'm starting my not diet.. but "life change". And my lucky readers (Whom I think all disappeared on me), husband of course, and parents are the only people who know about it. Becuase everytime I try this, I tell everyone thinking that it'll be easier. BUT i have found out the opposite, like when I tell everyone, I think I just consider it like done already. I don't know how to explain it but its like the more I talk about it, the more I don't do it... cause I feel like when I'm talking about it, I'm doing it but that's not the case. Does that make sense to anyone else but me? lol

Also, I ummm am a little behind on the wedding posts recaps. I haven't ordered my pictures yet because we've been a little tight on money. But I am going to order the negative disk and make Christmas presents :) WHoop Whoop. Speaking of which I am absolutely thrilled for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO

Ok, I must get ready for work.. I hope you all recover from the holiday nicely :) <3

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Thursday!!!

The weeks is almost over... YAY! I usually enjoy my weekends, but now I am starting to work every Saturday morning at the Urgent Care clinic we have at work.. so it should be interesting waking up super early on a Saturday... not so much fun.

We also still do the Cal games on Saturdays, so this should be interesting how they both work out. Thankfully the Oregon game isn't until like 4, I think. We've added a new member to our Saturday crew, usually it is just me, matt, and my father in law. But now we added my best guy friend Marcel. Him and the Hubby are completely the same person lol. Marcel calls Matt his "White version of himself" it is quite funny! I love seeing them get along so it is all good!

This weekend (starting tonight) Matt's longtime buddy from Alaska is coming down to stay with us. He is coming down to see the R Kelly concert, yes I said it, this man flew 3,000 miles to see R Kelly. lol oh, and us. He is quite a character. Unfortuantely, my house is still cluttered and kinda messy... and the hubby failed to do any cleaning this week. So he will hear from me after the friend leaves but I have to clean when I get off work tonight @ 8. Which I am not looking forwaRd to. lol. I do not like my house being out of order. I want people to be able to come over whenever they want and me not having to worry about like "Oh my goodness? Is it clean?" No, it should just always be that way. And don't get me wrong... I don't mean spotless but I do mean presentable.I enjoy inviting friends and family over and I want to be able to cook for them and spend time with them at my house... but I need a clean one in order to do so :) lol

Alrighty... that's my ramble for the day. I need to head to work before I'm late!!!

I also need to pray about some motivation.. I need something to start kickin my butt and getting back into a routine. Any ideaS?? What're you guys doing this winter to continue your goal for fitness??? Any new exercise crazes that ive been missing? Fill me in! I can't wait to read all about them!!!!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Harvest-Ween!

So I just completed this weeks homework assignment and finished working from this morning (yes, both on a Saturday!) And totally realized it was Halloween! I have never celebrated or been a big fan, mainly because I don't do Halloween for religious purposes... but also because I am a chicken butt.

So every year at church we do a Harvest Party with tons of games, candy, food, etc and its all free. So this year is no different except, this year I didn't head it up. I was so busy with life that I told my dad (the pastor) I can't do it this year. Which was a bummer because I love putting it together adn love all the support and volunteers we get (Which is no different this year) So thankfully, my cousins Heather and Tiffany headed it up and I'm excited to see what they have done! I am sure its going to be great!!!

So my dilemna is.. I have no costume! I know, what a bore I am right!?! Well I obviously don't do sexy costumes, and having nothing at home to throw on real quick, and despite their being a "Spirit" store down the street, I have never bought anything from there and still won't. So guess what I'm going to be for Halloween? Sam!! Lol. I'm just going to be me... but I wanted to stop in adn say hello to everyone. I hope you guys have had a great week.

Be safe tonight!!!!!! And go hit up your local church's Harvest Party... They are tons of fun :)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm Here!!

I'm here... and this time hopefully to stay!! I'm so sorry about not posting and not commenting on other peoples posts! I sucked for the past few months. :) Congrats to HER for getting married!!!! I'm very excited for you both!

So I don't even know where to start with all of this :)

Married life is good, well great. It was a lot, LOT, of change in the beginning with the new job, semester starting, and being married. Lol. But that has passed for the most part and I am loving being a wife. I love calling him my husband, love waking up next to me, and love when we kiss goodnight. It's honestly an amazing feeling when you find that special someone and are prepared to spend the rest of your life with that person. So, what can I say? I'm a happy newlywed!!! :)

I got a new job about fifteen minutes from my house (on a good traffic day) and I absolutely love it. I'm a Medical Assistant in a Pediatric office and it's great. The atmosphere is great, the people are fun and great, and I love the patients. I love meeting new people, helping people, and seeing the kids get healthy! I am def a people person and the medical field is where I belong, it's where my heart is!!

With that said, I cannot wait until school and pre-reqs are over!!!! I want to be done with school and into the nursing program already. School this semester is going okay though. It's not exactly first on my list but I am getting it done and I know that doesn't sound the best but this semester I'm taking History and psychology of personality... so it's not absolutely pertaining to nursing :) lol. So we will see how the semester ends..

Youth group, in case you didn't know.. I'm the youth group leader at my church, and I love it! It is a great feeling to help lead young people to the Lord. We have currently renovating the middle building to make it the new youth room. It should be a great project for us all to do!!! I love it!!! I wish I could have a clone who could do youth group completely full time :) lol.

And now to the dreadful news.... I am almost positive I have gained all the weight I lost back, plus some. I feel like a freaking blimp sometimes. And tonight, my mom said something along the lines of my face looking a bit rounder... great mom, love the honesty. I mean, I'm not a completely idiot, I noticed it last week but just ignored it. So now, (AGAIN!!) I can't ignore it anymore. I want to be a great wife and give 100% to my husband, which I can't completely do if I'm a million pounds over weight. I want to give 100% for myself adn live the best life I can and live it to the fullest. I also, most importantly, want to live my life to the fullest that God wants me to live. I want to do all He has for me, but I have limitations if I'm this overweight. And if I want to have children, I want to be an active mother who is completely hands on with her children.. yet I can't in this shape. What the heck happened to the old Sam? The skinny Sam :) lol I have all of these reasons for getting in shape and getting healthy, yet I don't do them. Why is that?? Ugh, can you tell I'm a bit frustrated with myself lately? lol...

So the solution.. I'm thinking about joining Weight Watchers for starters. I know I need to make changes in my eating habits, especially since I'm the one who is doing the cooking. I have a few friends who seem to be doing well on WW, so I think I will give it a try. What do you guys think about WW and about this?? Since I am working 40 plus hours a week with just the Medical Assisting.. that doesn't include the youth group leader, being a wife, maintaining the house, etc I am going to take things slow to not overwhelm myself any longer. I need to find time to put work out in my routine because I know thats how I will see the most results... but I am thinking to add that slowly due to my schedule. What do you guys think?

Ok, I'm done blabbing for now. Let me knwo what you ladies adn gents think. I miss y'all :)

Sorry so long!!!

And Lastly, really?!?! Yankees in the world series again. UGH!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


So I received some pics off of friends and families' cameras from the wedding. I will start posting more pics when I get the professional ones back..which I cannot wait for!!!

A mini update is:

I am officially Mrs. Semans :) (Except we haven't turned in the marriage cert. yet lol) I absolutely love being together, living with him (finally! Because we didn't do it before marriage) and all the fun things that come along with it.

I cannot believe the weddding has come and gone already! Honestly, sometimes it makes me sad to think its over already, after all that planning. lol. Thank God, I wasn't a stressed bride and rarely stresssed through the process or I'd be totally bummed! My dress is just handing in the closet because I havent had time to do anything with it! lol

So advice for upcoming brides: Unless a something major happens: the day will go perfect, it will be like your fairytale. Don't stress on the small stuff before the wedding.. and dont stress on ANYTHING the day of the wedding. Just enjoy all of it because that will be the fastest but best day of your life!!! And the most important part is your marrying your best friend; not so and so is coming or not coming, someone did this, etc. It doesn't matter. Trust me :)

After the wedding we went on our mini-moon for a few days in Reno/Tahoe area and then a few days of pampering. I will get into that more when I post those pictures!!! But it was a blast and a much needed vacation!

Now real life has completely set in. I got a great new job... as a medical assistant in a pediatric office, and so far I love it. This was my first week of working full time again in 3 months, so it's great. (Gonna be better when I get my pay check :) lol. It is really tough on the feet right now because I'm standing for 8 hours a day, but that will totally get better next week!

Along with job, trying to move my stuff in ( because its still at my parents house), and cleaning up the apt from all the presents we received, oh yea and adjusting to living with my new husband (who isnt the cleanest thing in the world :) lol, I started school on the week of my wedding too!!! So this past week I've been trying to play catch up to the two weeks I missed and it has been tough! I study at lunch, when I get home, and now on the weekends! Once I catch up to the work, I'm hoping to get in a routine of things so I can actually spend time with my husband :) lol

Okay, So I uploaded these onto my Picasa thing... so check out the pics from the wedding! Hopefully the pro ones will be here soon!
I can't wait to catch up on all your guys' blogs! My reader is FULL!


Wedding Pictures - Tackett

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So I am officially Mrs. Samantha Elaine Semans :)
We're on our "mini-moon" in Tahoe/Reno area..... so I will post more later but thought I'd tease you guys about the Perfect, Most Wonderful day of our life :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm fired!!

I'm sorry guys!! You can TOTALLY FIRE ME! I have not been a good blogger in forever, but for a very good reason... My wedding is on Friday, THIS Friday!! That's three days away! Crazy right? I am not at all stressed or worried, just excited. I stayed up til 3 am last night because I could not sleep.. too excited. If this keeps up, I will totally take some benadryl to knock my butt out :)

So on the job front.. I GOT A JOB! As if we didn't know this already, but God is great. He is amazing. Always providing and always there for me! I am so blessed. I applied for this staff agency and the staff agency directed me to this Pediatric doctor's office in Pleasanton. I did five interviews with them over the course of three days. Then I had to suffer the weekend without knowing whether or not I had the job... actually, I really didn't suffer at all, because that happened to be my bachelorette weekend which was a blast! So I didn't think about the job until Monday. Then Monday morning rolls around and they hired me as a Medical Assistant at $15/hr to start and I get raised to $17 after I am hired as a full time employee. So like I said, God is great. He provided for us and I can just focus on the wedding now, and not worry about how we will survive after the wedding. It is all taken care of :)

So I will have to fill you in on the girl's weekend, life, wedding, rehearsal dinner tomorrow night,etc. But I gotta run to go do place cards with some friends!!!
Stay in there.. I will be a great blogger again soon :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

PIc Post Take 2!

So here is part two of the picture crazy posts.. sorry if they bug you, but I like them. They're simple and sweet!
Youth Car Wash
This past weekend we held a youth carwash for my youth group. It turned out great, was lots of fun, and made great profit!

Ok, tilt your head for this one.. sorry.

Some of the boys.. standing around

..or sitting around

Kayla & I

Kameko & Matt

This past weekend we went to Monterey for Matt's brother and sis-in-law's birthday. Not only did we have a blast down there but it really made for a great weekend! The weather was awesome and totally beat out the 100+ degree weather from home. I did miss camping to go, but we had the best weekend we've had in a loong time. So it was well worth it!

We were having wayy too much fun @ the beach. He was begging not to leave.

I was pointing to seals that were jumping around in the ocean.. I tried to get pics of it but they were too far out.

I really really like this picture. Dunno why!

I LOVE the beach. and him.

I was trying to make my footprints stick before the wave took them away :( lol

Enough Said.

So it was windy in Monterey, obviously, yet we needed to blow out the candles. I was in charge of holding the cake, when Matt's brother Tip grabs the blow torch to light the candles. Hilarious!

A few Saturdays ago, some of Matt's friends & mine got together to try a new club. It was a blast.. Want proof? Check out these pics! lol

Chillin in the backseat after the club!

Me trying to sneakly crawl back to the backseat to sit with the girls.

Cheese. (Look @ horrible tanline!)

Rosa & Tanya

Matt getting his groove thing on, Me people watching, and Trav's girl cheesing super hard!

Travis.. and me. lol

Matt & his best friend Travis

The girls!

I love oldies.

Trav & his girls!

My & My Man

Me & Rosa

The girls before the club!

I love weddings.. this one I forgot my camera @ though... so we improvised and took some pics outside. Congrats AJ & Kelly!

Matt & I @ Aj's wedding

Alanna & I @ Aj's Wedding

Amanda & I
4th Of July!
I love this holiday, love love!

We bought sparklers for my wedding.. instead of throwing rice or anything else.. We're going to have all the guests hold sparklers as we walk through.. it's going to be gorgeous!

So we decided to test them out on the 4th of July

Alanna's yummy & patriotic cake!


So late last night, since I couldn't sleep, I decided to email all my pics from my phone to my email. Too many times have I broke the phone and lost all of the pictures inside of it. So now, lesson learned, I back up my stuff... and I would def recommend you ladies do it as well!! Since I did that.. you get the pleasure of seeing what has been in my phone for the past month or so.. and get to see more pictures than words.
So be prepared! Lots of pics!! I'll post more later!
Oh, and I put them small.... if you wanna see them big, simply click on them!

*This is Tanya, Rosa, and myself before we went to Crogan's to all go hang out. I don't drink often, which defeatrs the purpose of the bar, but we loove to dance.*

*Introducing... ROCKY! I don't think I've showed you pictures of her before.. but this is my baby. This is Rocky. I've had her for about two years and absolutely love her chubby butt!*

*Matt and I had a date night, what feels like forever ago, and he decided to order some chocolate dessert.He's a sucker for sweets... so he was excited!*

*This was a gorgeous view from my backyard. Pretty right?*

*This pic is actually old but it's of me and one of my best friends' Michelle. We had gone out for her birthday!*

*Random pic.. I was just seeing how it'd look. I love taking pictures!*

*First, don't panic, it was empty before we posed this picture. Lol This is my niece and us being funny :)*

*This is my Maid of Honor's belly and my nephew Gabriel kissing it. I love this picture. One of my best friends' Tanya did one very similar to this!*

*At our family poker night: My uncle Al trying to be incognito with his daughter Tracy (MOH)*

*This is pregnant Tracy at the Hospital this past weekend. We though she had appendicitis so we waited until 5 a.m. with her until she got the clear. Everything is fine so far! Praise God! And I should get my nephew in 2 weeks!!!*

*So this is me @ 5a.m. waiting for Tracy (MOH)'s baby to come out :)*

*We were walking in downtown Monterey and they were having some sort of car show that weekend. This is the cutest pink car I've ever seen! Makes me want to be a "Pink Lady" from the movie Grease!*

* Man, I love this man. I cannot wait to be Mrs. Semans. This is him on the beach in Monterey, afraid to get too close because he didn't wanna get his tennis shoes soaked!*

*This is Matt's brother Tip and niece (soon to be my niece :) Taking a cat nap after the party!*

Well that's all folks! Until I unload my camera :)