Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MidWeek Update

So I am definetly not going to be able to blog everyday like I used to...especially considering I was jobless when I was doing that. But here I am :)

So this week has been great progress in the life change part of my weeks. I am not doing anything super special right now as far as working out. I am eating very healthy and getting walks in as I can. As far as the fitness thing goes, I fully intend on adding that to my routine, but with school finishing for the semester, I am trying my best to finish off with great grades. So there's that excuse :) lol.

BUT Ok, I am not going to admit my whole weight number right now,... because it is pretty disturbing and of course my heaviest. So on Monday it ended with a six, when I measured it in the evening and then yesterday it ended with a four, and today it ended with a 2.6. Is that correct?? Did I really loose 3.4 lbs in three days?!?!? I guess I will let you know by the end of the week when I continue to weigh. I am going to try and weigh ins every day if not a few times a week. I think if I keep close track without obsessing over it, then it will be good for me. And so far I have denied most temptation... which is good considering Christmas time @ a Dr's office= Christmas presents for the Dr's that are given to their assistants (AKA ME!)) lol. And all presents to the dr's office for some reason are not at all healthy....

But I AM EXCITED about this... I need to keep this momentum up and keep this going. I need to loose this weight. For me, myself, and I, and my husband, and family, and future children :) Oh, and I want to make a goal to loose a certain amount of weight by the New Year... What do you think that weight should be? It was going to be ten pounds, but if I already lost three... then that maybe easier than I thought.. So Help :)

SOOOO What's going on with everyone else? How is everyone else's diet or changes going?? I miss reading everyone's blog, hopefully I can get to it soon!!!!



  1. Good for you on losing 3! I'm just trying to maintain right now and then get back on track Jan 1! You are doing great, keep up the great work! =)