Monday, July 20, 2009


So late last night, since I couldn't sleep, I decided to email all my pics from my phone to my email. Too many times have I broke the phone and lost all of the pictures inside of it. So now, lesson learned, I back up my stuff... and I would def recommend you ladies do it as well!! Since I did that.. you get the pleasure of seeing what has been in my phone for the past month or so.. and get to see more pictures than words.
So be prepared! Lots of pics!! I'll post more later!
Oh, and I put them small.... if you wanna see them big, simply click on them!

*This is Tanya, Rosa, and myself before we went to Crogan's to all go hang out. I don't drink often, which defeatrs the purpose of the bar, but we loove to dance.*

*Introducing... ROCKY! I don't think I've showed you pictures of her before.. but this is my baby. This is Rocky. I've had her for about two years and absolutely love her chubby butt!*

*Matt and I had a date night, what feels like forever ago, and he decided to order some chocolate dessert.He's a sucker for sweets... so he was excited!*

*This was a gorgeous view from my backyard. Pretty right?*

*This pic is actually old but it's of me and one of my best friends' Michelle. We had gone out for her birthday!*

*Random pic.. I was just seeing how it'd look. I love taking pictures!*

*First, don't panic, it was empty before we posed this picture. Lol This is my niece and us being funny :)*

*This is my Maid of Honor's belly and my nephew Gabriel kissing it. I love this picture. One of my best friends' Tanya did one very similar to this!*

*At our family poker night: My uncle Al trying to be incognito with his daughter Tracy (MOH)*

*This is pregnant Tracy at the Hospital this past weekend. We though she had appendicitis so we waited until 5 a.m. with her until she got the clear. Everything is fine so far! Praise God! And I should get my nephew in 2 weeks!!!*

*So this is me @ 5a.m. waiting for Tracy (MOH)'s baby to come out :)*

*We were walking in downtown Monterey and they were having some sort of car show that weekend. This is the cutest pink car I've ever seen! Makes me want to be a "Pink Lady" from the movie Grease!*

* Man, I love this man. I cannot wait to be Mrs. Semans. This is him on the beach in Monterey, afraid to get too close because he didn't wanna get his tennis shoes soaked!*

*This is Matt's brother Tip and niece (soon to be my niece :) Taking a cat nap after the party!*

Well that's all folks! Until I unload my camera :)

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