Sunday, March 7, 2010



These are from my phone.. so forgive the crapiness lol. So Matt & I adopted a puppy :) We've been talking about a puppy for what seems like forever.. but just couldnt agree on one. So Saturday the Pet Express place was having adoptions at the store so we decided to go in and take a look. The part that I hate.. is I SUCK at just looking. I cannot tell you how many times I've gone to a shelter, pound, or adoption place and wanted to take them all home. I should really own a farm... is about how many cats and dogs I would've taken home by now. lol

Anyway, so we go to Pet Food Express and there are a few puppies there.. that of course I fell in love with, but Matt didn't really fall for any of them. So we decided to go to lunch adn try something new. So we went downtown and parked and walked around to find a healthy lunch to grab. We walk by this pet place (that I've driven by and kind of laughed at before, because this is the type of shop that I was positive was super expensive.. and had clothes for there pets. Now I was the type of person who was NOT getting a "rat" dog adn NOT having my puppy wear clothes. *Notice pic above, obviously did not work out this way lol*) and outside of that shop they too were having an adoption fair with a few cats and quite a few dogs. There were three or four larger dogs and two smaller ones. Matt instantly fell in love with the dog named "Baby", he was a Rottweiler and Shepard mix and she was absolutely gorgeous! But she was pretty big!!! adn We live in an apartment and work during the day... we decided against her (even though Matt didnt want to part ways) because it would not be fair for a dog with that much energy and that big to be cooped up 8 hours a day in an apartment.

Then, I fell in love with Mr. Sox (see above). He is a chihuahua and terrier mix. He is a little guy who has def had a tough life. Him and his entire litter (all 8 of them) were locked in one kennel adn found wihtout food or water. When Sox was rescued, he was filled with ticks and was little. When I was told about that story, I had to have him and take care of him. He is super shy and timid right now, but his foster mom said he warms up well.. so right now his tail was between his legs but I cannot wait to see it wag and be excited to see me :)

So I'm done bragging about him but we are absolutely in love with him. We have already spoiled him with toys, and yes, outfits. lol matt is totally in love with him too. And honestly, its super cute to see matt all excited about him.... brings me hope for the future with kids lol.

So my weightloss is still going steady, I do apologize for never be on here.. but life is crazy busy!!! I will post soon on my weightlostt venture and biggest loser faith edition.

Love ya all!! Cant wait to read all your posts about how you guys are keeping up with it.

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  1. Long time reader coming out of the woodwork to congratulate you on your new little family member.

    Sox is adorable. So sad to hear of his rough start in life. My youngest daughter adopted a kitten with the same start in life, only found on the side of the road. He was afraid of everything, but never stopped him from loving us. He would be scared to death, eye-bulging-scared and still be purring his little head off. It was a precious moment.

    Have fun with the little guy.