Friday, February 13, 2009

3 Day Weekends!!

This is where I want to be :p

My, oh my, how I love 3 day weekends! After my last post, y'all can see how much I am in need of one. I love that we all have the chance to relax, catch up on everything!! Family time, studies, homework, and did I mention relax? Do any of you guys have any big plans for the 3 day weekend ahead??

Did I tell you guys about the mystery dinner we have tomorrow for Valentine's Day? My youth group is putting on a Mystery Valentine's Dinner as a Vday gift/slight fundraiser. It's not a murder mystery though.. it's more like a mystery of what your eating. When people come in to the "restaurant" , they have to fill out a menu.. on one side is a list of food that are all code named.. EX: Devil's delight.. is cake. Ants on a log... is celery with peanut butter and raisins. Does that make sense? So they fill out the menu and then go sit down and it is a four course meal and the youth will serve them each meal. The catch is that on the list of food is the list of utensils and drink as well. So one course you may get speghetti and and a fork or even water, toothpick, and a slice of bread. So sometimes the guests will have to use their hands!! lol. It will be a fun day and as soon as I get off my butt... I can go grocery shopping and start preparing the food for tomorrow!!!
Sound fun right??!??

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