Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vote For Memorial Stadium :)

So I normally don't post about sports.. but I love my Cal. So I'm reposting this blog from Bears With Fangs Blog

"I figure I should do what I can to rep Memorial Stadium.

I know I know. The stadium is falling apart, we stand on our tippy toes in the porta-potties to pee (both guys and gals), and a good number of us have to sit on bleachers without any back support.But c'mon. Is there a more picturesque venue in all of college football?

With the Berkeley Hills to the East, and a view of the Golden Gate and the Bay to the West, you'd be hard pressed to find one that has more charm. Really, there are few things prettier than watching the Bears run out of the tunnel in the their golden tops for a 5PM Fall game as the sun begins to set. Booyakasha."
If anything.... do it for me.. please :)

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