Saturday, May 16, 2009

Double Digits!

SHUT UP! I receive tons of junk mail in my email right now because of all the things I'm subscribed to.. but I totally let it sit in there in case, by chance, I ever have a free minute to check them out. So the has just sent my an email stating that I have 97 days left until my wedding...

Ladies and Gents.. we have officially hit double digits. That is CRAZY! I have not done any wedding planning items these past few weeks because of all my family drama and my little brother. So I have to jump back on the bandwagon.. like now.

These are the things we've accomplished thus far:

* Save the Date cards were sent out

* Invitations were ordered and have arrived.. just not assembled yet.

* Ordered cameras to place on table and they arrive.

(also, ordered a cute hat that says bride lol)

* Venue/ food/ceremony spot is picked out and reserved

*I'm stretching for more.... uummmm... My nonni is adding wonderful things to my dress and it is finally coming along. I CANNOT wait to see it finished. It's seriously going to be stunning.

*We have a pastor reserved.. my daddy :)

* I'm asking Pastor Greg Terry tomorrow if he can assist so my dad can walk me down the asile.

*Had two sets of engagement pics taken. Second one was yesterday and we'll see how those pics came out.. but I enjoyed the photographer A LOT!

And that's the list folks, lol. I think I may have a girls lunch in the next few weekends to just get everyone who has offered to help and we'll sit down and do some DIY items... like damask the votives, pick out flowers (we;re ordering wholesale), set up invites, etc. That sounds like a plan!

Any other ideas?? Help! lol Also, we're still trying to find our honeymoon place and destination.. we know we want all inclusive, adn cheap! lol

At least I dont look like this bride:

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