Friday, May 1, 2009

I should really learn to follow directions..

lol. So I officially suck at following directions! It's not like I'm a rebel or anything.. My attention just varies.

For example, here I am..bright and early, sitting in the college library on a Friday morning. Now before you get any ideas.. I am not THAT good of a student. I simply suck at following directions. I take a Friday morning English class that usually begins at nine am. Today, however, we were supposed to meet in the library at 9:30..or so I thought. WRONG!

We were supposed to meet in the classroom at 9:30 to walk to the library at 10. Mind you, I'm all for a good walk.. but by the time I made it back to the classroom, all the way across campus, they'd already be walking here. Then I went online (half of our class is done online) to check and see what she really said.. and sure enough, Sam does not follow complete directions. I saw meet/library/ 9:30. When it really said "We will meet in the class at nine thirty and then walk over to the library". Ugh, I could seriously get myself in trouble.

Another example lol is a few weekends ago I was driving my drunk friend home, I was sober thank you. And we were downtown and I had missed my turn, so at the next turn I made a left hand turn. My friend freaks out because there was a cop who saw me.. I was like so what? I can turn. She was like no the sign said NO turns. I was like shut up?! really?!? I thought it said no u-turns lol. And so the cop followed us to the freeway, without pulling me over, thankfully. The next day I go back to that turn to see if she was right or not.. sure enough the drunk girl, who had to get driven home, paid more attention to the sign that I did!!!!

I suck :)

Just thought I'd let you guys know how blonde your friend Sam really is :)

How's you week going? How's the diet(s) going?

I will post on all that later.. I have to call my photographer for our second engagement session.. cause it is supposed to rain.. in CALIFORNIA, in MAY! Goodness, bad enough I had to deal with stupid Swine Flu this week, and now my session maybe canceled. Stupid CA.


  1. we are all like that at times. or at least i can be. thanks for the laugh. lol.