Thursday, May 28, 2009


Ok, So last week sometime, my mother, friend Terry, and myself went to our reception venue. We actually went because I thought we had a planning meeting, but turned out we didn't :) So we went to ask a few questions and go over some details with Carrie.. the wedding planner.

I was able to snap some pics of the venue. So I'm going to show you pics of the place how it looks plain and then ideas from other weddings on what we're hoping for. I NEED ideas.. so feel free to chirp in :)

**This is what is: This is the ceremony site with the gazebo and no chairs (obviously lol). I love this site. It's gorgeous, green, and lots of lush trees. Hopefully it'll stay that way for a few months.

**This is what I want: There will be about 200+ chairs sharing both sides of the aisle. I want the aisle to be covered in flower petals lining the aisle. They petals have to be real.. so I'm not sure how expensive or inexpensive that will be.

I also want the chairs nearest to the aisle to be draped in tulle with every other row having a flower or some sort of color. Sort of like this but outside..

What can we use aside from flowers to make it cheaper?
Do you think I'll need an Aisle runner? Or just leave as is?
How do we decorate the gazebo for cheap?!? and cute ;)

** This is what it is: As soon as you come in from the ceremony site, you are greeted with this gorgeous massive bar. Which would be great EXCEPT there will be no alcohol served at the actual reception site. My dad is a pastor and we have too many church people and higher ministers coming to attempt to sell alcohol.. not to mention the mr and i can do without!

**This is what I want: So I spoke to Carrie about the bar/alcohol thing. She said that it's fine.. we can cover it. So I am going to buy some tulle to cover everything aside from the mirror. She will have all the alcohol bottles taken down from the bar, and we'll cover the back of the bar wtih the tulle. I'm really trying not to be mean adn showcase all these bottles.. and then not allow anyone to touch! lol. On the actual bar, I was thinking of putting pictures of the mr and I with some candles.
Any ideas on that?

**This is what it is: Directly facing the bar are these tables with barstools.

**This is what I want: I don't really know what to do with these exactly. I was just thinking putting pictures up of mr and i with candles and/or flowers. Also, mayve a possible site for our guestbook?? Ideas? Maybe put the place cards there?
The reason I say possible site for guestbook is because there is a hallway to enter the reception area.. which looks like this:

I can always take the tables out. But I was thinking that round table may be a good place for a guestbook as well. These rectangle tables on the side will be used for buffet IF we do a buffet, if not then they will be where place cards are put or removed.

**This is what it is: The reception area! Sorry it is a dark picture but basicall it is a large room with a dance floor in middle of it and round tables on outside. We are doing a "sweetheart" table as our head table that will go right behind dance floor. We chose to do sweetheart vs bridal table because we want our bridal party to join the rest of their family..and we wont be sitting long anyway!

These sconce things are hanging on the wall and look GREAT with my decor. They match perfectly!

**This is what it is: This a simple set up of the tables. Note: we went on Memorial Day weekend, so of course these are not the colors of my wedding.. but what were already set up.

The green and damask, however, are our table runners. They will be on every table and alternating between the green on top or damask on top. It is going to look GORGEOUS! I'm excited! We are not to sure on what to do as centerpieces though.. any ideas? My mom really likes the fresia flower bunches because they are so full. I'm not sure what we will do yet.. ill post on that later, all I know is some kind of flower, arranged some kind of way, in some kind of container, with candles!!! And I have about 21-22 tables and I want like to designs on each one. So I need a few centerpiece ideas :)

**This is what it is: Our cake :) One of our great family friends has offered to bake my wedding cake and I def took her up on it. Seriously, she's better than Rachel Ray more like a Paula Deen. I love her cooking and her cake will be amazing.

**This is what we want: Bling, Bling! lol It'll look similar to this with green ribbon, square, and no broaches. Also, we upgraded to the lighting package which will include a Gobo on the dance floor with out monogram, 8 uplights along the wall, and a spotlight on the cake :) So it'll def shine! So it'll look very similar to the pic.. except our colors and monogram lol.

**This is what it is: A Candy buffet :) we aren't going to do it in our color scheme.. we're just going to have our colors on the table. Also, we will buy stickers with our monogram on them to place on the bags or chinese boxes. We don't like green or black candy :) lol.

That's all for now folks! Ideas greatly appreciated :)


  1. Top pic is in a beautiful setting. Great choice

  2. Can't wait to see pictures of your wedding!! I love weddings!! Thanks for all your sweet comments!! I look forward to following your blog!

  3. that cake looks incredible! and i love the colors on the candy table!!!

    Best of luck!