Monday, May 18, 2009

Not so great..

So I have some not so great news.

I went to church yesterday, and after church one of the ladies approached me to take me undergarmet shopping for my big day. So we proceeeded to a few stores. Went to Victoria Secrets and found a bra.. but not of those suck your belly in things. lol When I tried on my dress... it didn't fit. Let me repeat that for the slower ones, did not fit!!!

I know that's totally crazy because I just had it on a week or two ago and everything fit fine then. But regardless it was embarssing and made me sad :( Thankfully, she is a woman I've known my entire life so it was not a huge deal, but still... My mom was pissed instead of sad.. lol. So I would like to add a disclaimer to my sad story... (or an excuse).. that our after church lunch was at El Camino. It's a mexican restaraunt (obviously) lol. and I had some rice and beans adn chicken.. so bloating took place, I'm sure. AND It's almost that time of the month for me.. so I honestly think it's just because I was bloated, but regardless I have to take some action..

So I have 95 (I think?) days until my wedding. Today will be day #1 of getting my arse (excuse the language) back into shape. I'm going to continue the Nutrisystem that I bought and stopped eating because I didn't want to waste money... because I'd eat like two nutrisystem meals and then go out to eat for the other meal, and I would totally defeat the purpose! But now I will actually use it.

So Once again I'm calling on my wonderful, fantabulous, inspiring blog friends to push my butt in the right direction! I need some encouragement right about now :)
Thanks girls!!!

Sidebar: Does anyone know where to find cheap damask print?!?!?

Day #1:
Breakfast: Nutrisystem eggs with a slice of tomato, green onion, and tad bit of cheese. (@8:30)
Snack: Low n Fit (or whatever they're called) strawberry yogurt. (@12)
Lunch: Nutrisystem Corn Chowder chilli, steamed brocolli, and 2 tspn of mayo (@ 4)
*I haven't eaten dinner yet but will when I get home from church.*
Dinner: green salad with romaine lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, and italian dressing
Gym: No gym today.. I gotta go to church. But I did park really far from work and my interview and took the stairs :)

Also, I plan to continue the Nutrisystem with adding fresh veggies and fruits. Then soon I will take the Alli pills with them to do double duty weightloss. And since school is over (and I put in my 2 weeks notice for my weekend reception job) I plan to spend more one on one time with the gym :)

Any more ideas? Should I try something new?


  1. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, and then my friend walk some more. I walked my butt off to lose weight before mine....sometimes at the gym, sometimes outside, sometimes on the treadmill at home. When I'd walk on the treadmill at home I'd walk with 2lb handweights, sometimes just pumping my arms, then raising my arms up and down while still walking. I'll tell you that I definately dropped pounds and got some nice compliments on my arms!! :)
    Your eating looks good so just stick with it. The more raw the food the better. Veggies ARE your best friend. pack em in ziplock baggies so you can grab them when in a hurry!
    You can do it girl!!!

  2. I know you are going to think "More Moolah?!?!?!" but seriously consider weight watchers. My mom has lost 70 LBS in LESS than 7months at weight watchers. It allows you to relearn how to eat properly, so you can STAY thin instead of gaining all over again. Try it!

  3. Dont beat yourself up about it. I have accepted that i may look the exact size i am right now on my wedding day and while it makes me a bit sad i can handle it. I do have a boat load of sites for your undergarments though. My cousin recommended them to me (she had ordered from them) and knew i was looking for something to suck me in. My email is drop me a line and i will forward them over to you.
    Cheer up, you will look FABULOUS on your wedding day!