Friday, July 3, 2009


So I'm a little behind on the blogging front.. I don't know how I managed that one. So here is a short recap.

I ordered flowers the other day. My bouqet will be orchids with some lillies. It will look gorgeous, I am so excited. Honestly, I went in their with like a whatever attitude and the lady @ Brentwood Florist picked it out for me :)

So it'll look like the bouqet on the left with white some sort of flowers (i think lisanthus?) and hints of the lily in it :)

The guys boutenierre (sp?) will be a green orchid with a little white flower behind it.

The centerpieces we have three choices for.. I'm still undecided about. WHICH TWO YOU LIKE BEST?? Let me know :)

A) Hydrangea centerpiece- green bunches of hydrangea in a simple vase with candles around it

B) So a friend of mine bought these mirrors to place on the table and these things with scripture on them. i think I showed you guys in a previous post.. with candles. The florist added these: the green cymbidium orchids in like a little fish bowl kind of thing to add on the table. I hope that makes sense!!!

C) So this one is a little harder to explain. So picture a tall (not too tall though) cylinder vase. With a long stem of these dendrium (sp?) orchids

Okay so let me know what you think with those.. :) Thanks.

What else? I still don't have a job but I have a few hopefuls coming in.. one of which is Sutter. I am really, really hoping that I get a call from them soon. I also am expecting a call from safeway, so we will see. I have faith in the Lord that the right job is right around the corner! He's a great God.

Honeymoon is still put on hold until we figure out what my financial situation is and such. We may just do a small trip after the wedding and save for our ideal honeymoon. His mom may help us come up with a plan and help pay for it. It's a bummer cause i already have my passport, but I'm gonna try and not change my name until I use it at least once!!! lol. I still want to do my all inclusive trip so maybe we wil save for the fall and do it then?! Who knows. That's a sore subject with me... lol

The bridal shower and both bachelorette showers are well under way. My best friend Michelle is doing the like going out clubbing one while my MOH tracy is doing the low key but fun one. I'm excited for all of the above!! :)

What else is going on? hmm.. I can't think of anything else. Any questions?!?!?! lol


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