Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day #2

I woke up sooo late today. I didn't roll out of bed until about 11:30 (I think?!)!! So tonight I want to be in bed before midnight! What a concept!!! lol Today was a great day thought, the only not so great thing I would say is that I didn't end up going to the gym or exercising like I had planned. But, I did go to Wal-Mart! For Christmas, I received a gift card for there and decided to buy some "Lifestyle Change" items. I got: 3 workout videos for $9/each (Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, Biggest Loser Cardio, and Dancing with the Stars), I got a 25 inch ball, a cute notebook for my food journal, small plates, a scarf/glove set, and a few misc items. I'm super excited to try the videos!! I'll let you know how they go. Has anyone tried any of those videos? I also got dumbells (1 lb., 2lb, & 5 lb) from Matt. I am going to use the scarf/ glove set as my first prize when I accomplish my first goal. What should my first goal be? :) To loose like 5 lbs? 10? I also set a Dietitian appointment for next Wednesday, which I'm excited about too!!

So I think I'm doing pretty good on the food thing so far. Do you guys think I'm lacking anything?

Breakfast: 1 whole grain toast *12:15*
1 tbsp. of creamy peanut butter

1 sliced banana
(If you haven't had it.. try it. It's yummy!)
Lunch: I sort of didn't have a complete lunch since I woke up so late.. I had the snacks instead.
Dinner: Sweet tomato Restaurant*6* (SEE BELOW!)
Snacks: 1 strawberry light & fit yogurt
15 baby carrots

1 apple

Water: 4, 16.9 oz, water bottles
Steps: My pedometer was stupid again today.. SO I checked very often. I know I missed some and took it off after work, which is when I do my major walking. But I calculated 1275 steps.. but I know it was way more.
Exercise: None. Besides lugging the heavy groceries up and down the hill to my car for 20 minutes!

Sweet Tomato Restaurant!!!!
(Matt eating!)
This was my first time ever being there and I LOVED it! Have you ever tried it? It's one of those salad bar buffet places, but it's healthy! It's $10 a plate. I made a huge salad with spinach, beats, beans, egg, pinch of cheese, peas, corn, EVERYTHING! lol. I put the ranch dressing on the side, it was a little cup. Then you get to go through and there's pasta, bread, soup, even frozen yogurt (which I didn't eat). So Matt & I went and he even enjoyed it.. he's not that great of an eater.

I tried some of Jillian's tips on not to deprive myself. Like on the ranch for instance.. I love ranch. I eat it on pizza, fries, salad, anything! But that's also the fattiest dressing and defeats the purpose of a salad. So what I did was get one of the little white cups with fat free ranch and the other with regular ranch, both on the side. Then when I sat down to eat I dipped a piece of broccoli in each to see which I would want. I ended up pouring the fat free one on the salad and not the normal one! But I didn't automatically eat the fatty one and I didn't automatically say no I "can't" have it. But the fat free one was yummy and I knew it was a better choice. So that was accomplishment one!
This was the cup size!
Accomplishment two was this.. There is a soup, pasta, bread, etc section. And I am a totally carb girl. I love pasta (Hello, I'm Italian!), love soups, love breads. So I got a mini plate and put a small spoonful of the mac and cheese, rice pilaf, rigatoni on one plate. Then I got a small bowl of fat free chicken noodle and a small bowl of all the fat included Clam chowder. I brought this all to the table (and Matt was like what the heck? lol). I ate most of my salad first and then I wanted to try some of the mac and cheese. So literally what I did was take a bite of each of the "not so good" stuff and was done. Once again, I didn't deprive myself and say no I "can't" have it. I just took a bite and satisfied the craving.. then went back to finishing my salad.
After: (Told you I barely ate any of that!)

That is def. an accomplish meant for me because A) I love those foods so much, B) I'm learning not to be an all or nothing dieter, C) No deprivation here!, D) those foods are the foods I used to binge on. So I'm def excited! Do you ladies do this? I think it is a wonderful way to "have you cake, and eat it too".. no pun intended.

I'm very proud of myself. It's only day 2 and these are some great changes. I owe most of it to you ladies! You guys are great support!! Keep it up!

**PS.. Matt is my fiance, in case I didn't mention that before! Sorry.**
Him and I @ the Emerald Bowl:

Phillipians 4:13: "I can do all things through him who strengthens me."


  1. I would use 5lbs as your first goal. I give myself rewards in 5lb increments! Keep up the good work!

  2. Sounds like you had a healthy day!! Great!

  3. let me know what you think about the workout dvds i was looking at getting that biggest loser one