Friday, April 17, 2009


So my first set of engagement photos are going to be taken on Sunday!!! I am so excited! My photographer that we're meeting with is a little pricey, but it will be fun. We won this free shoot at a bridal fair we went to last month! There will be more shoots to come! But this is our first really fun wedding thing we've done, so we're excited!

We're going to stay in my hometown for this one. One of the shoots are going to be by an old building, to get some creative, young shots. The second will be downtown by the water and railroad tracks! I'm excited to see what kind of creative ideas she comes up with. I love photography and love like a photo-journalistic style of photography.. so I'm juiced!

Before Sunday I have to dye my hair, pick out 2 outifits and shoes, and be ready! Not to mention I work everyday until then.. so this should be interesting!! lol. What do you wear? I was thinking jeans with a black top and a white top.. I have to find a cute white top. I know that sounds boring.. but I don't know what else to do?! I may get my make up done professionally too :)

And I realized I haven't been leaving you any picture love.. so here are some cute shots I googled!

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