Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This Sucks..

So this is me venting just a little...
I'm mad at you because your not here to help me maintain this craziness in life. Your not here to call and make fun of American Idol contestants. Your not here to give me good marriage advice and style advice. Your not here to help with the wedding. Your not here to laugh at my mom with my for being so stressed! Your not here to go to Costco, Walmart, or Target. Your not here to be my mom and I's best friend.
Your not here to hide the Resurrection eggs this Sunday and to have a "photo shoot" in the park.
Your not here to watch your babies grow up (but don't worry, we took that baton too!) Your not here to laugh at Erik with. He's not here to give marriage counseling He's not here to beat Glover at last election!! He's not here to be my Dad's best friend again! He's not here to talk sports and guy stuff with Dad and Matt. He's not here to constantly talk about food at church. (but have no fear, dad took that baton) But mostly your not here because your sitting at the right hand of the Father, without us, and we miss you. Terribly. It's not fair.. but soon it'll get harder to deal with.
So I guess you guys won.. you beat us there!

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