Monday, April 20, 2009


They were sooo much fun! This was only our first set, and it was hot as hades (90 degrees), but it was a blast!!! We started off at this warehouse building downtown.. it was sort of a rustic feel. I loved it. I love photography, so I'm totally into everything creative. Like we did our traditional poses, but I liked to spice it up a bit! Then, we went downtown some more.. down by the delta water. It was of course gorgeous, who doesn't love water? We did some poses with the water in the background, on the rocks, etc. While we were by the water, we also went to this grassy area.. it was pretty wierd, but I think the pictures turned out pretty cool. And then my favorite spot was the railroad track!!!! It was fun! Scary.. cause it's a working track.. but Thank God a train didn't come by while we were there.. just before and after! But some of the poses were perfect. The were romantic, sexy, fun, all at the same time!! I am so excited to get them back. Of course, I'll post it when they're back! Oh, and did I mention, the sunset was setting for half of it.. Gorgeous! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now on to the next shoot :)

**This isn't us.. yet! but similar to what we did!**

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  1. Sounds like you had lots of fun! Where in downtown did u take your pics. Assuming its downtown L.A? We're taking our Epics in may in downtown also, can't wait!