Friday, July 3, 2009

Lions, Tigers, HAIR, oh my!!

So I still don't have a hairstyle and/or make up artist. I could always do my own make up because I am good at it and love it. But I don't want to. lol Does anybody know any good and reasonably priced make up artist in the bay area??

So here are some choices on hairstyles.. My wedding is in the smack dab of August so it is going to be super hot. So I don't want my hair down anymore.. but I also don't want the super tight prom look. SO I've googled some hairstyles and such and here is what I've come with.. Tell me what you think?!

Side note: My veil is cathedral length..super long and gorgeous! It will have that thing that you put over my face. I will probably only wear it for my ceremony and not so much for the reception. I want to find a lily to put in my hair for the reception.

And I for sure want the puff and little bump thing that i always do.. so add that to all these pics. lol

A) I like the modern-ness of this hairstyle. I would have side bangs though..

B)This style is more elegant but i like it.. I dunno if I'd like it on me though..

C) This one is prom but not too prom. lol. I would add the puff though of course :)

D) This one is pretty I like it. lol

E) I don't have curly hair.. so I dunno if it would work.

F) This is the only hairstyle I'd consider to wear half up and half down.

Let me know what you think :)

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  1. I like C i think its classy and sleek MAybe you could pull a few pieces out and curl it around your face? I am not sure!!! Just a thought