Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today I logged all my food into (Thanks ladies!!) and it said:

Totals: 1,189 140 28 95
I need to eat just a tad bit more calories!!!

P.S. Biggest Loser Blog Edition officially starts tomorrow! I'm excited!!! Go Team Lynn. Let's kick some butt!!! Sorry Team Angie.. get ready for some serious competition :)

P.P.S I had measured my arms and legs and every part of my body!!! I was using it as a bookmark as I read the J.M's 30 Day Shred!! Unfortunately, once I got past the first chapter it said that book was for people who wanted to loose the last 20 or so pounds. So I knew that wasn't the right book for me! So I returned it and left my measurements in it!! Stupid me! lol. I'll have to measure again tomorrow, dang it! But, I did order her other book (which is supposed to be for people who want to loose more than 20 lbs) from Barnes & Nobles, so it should be here this week! Hollar! I'm looking forward to it.

AND: My mom bought me Bob Harper's book too. I haven't touched it yet because she gave it to me at dinner! But I'm looking forward to reading it! I love him too.

AND #2: I start back at school this Thursday.. and I'm really nervous. I went to Best Buy today to try and get a price range of laptops, because even though I'm broke. I think a laptop will help tremendously! Especially because I am taking 2 online classes! I don't want to be downstairs by myself when I can just bring the laptop upstairs and chill with my family! Ya know? Any ideas on cheap but good laptops?

Last one, I promise, My birthday is in 20 days! :) It's my 21st birthday too!! But, I don't really drink and most of my friends are still 20. So I'm trying to figure out what in the world to do!! Any ideas? I'll probably go to dinner with family and everyone but then go where? Dancing? 18 and up? or 21 and up? Or I was thinking doing 18 and up after dinner so everyone can go. Then Saturday night (Did I mention my bday is on a Friday! Hollar!) go to the bars or to a 21 up club?!?! I'll probably live a little and have a martini with dinner. I have no intentions of getting drunk though because I am doing great with my intimate walk with God and I don't want to mess it up!!

Phillipians 4:13: "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

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  1. i just had my 19th birthday and in canada that is the legal drinking age.
    i was in sask. not in nova scotia with all my girlfriends but my boyfriends bootcamp mates made it great
    go out and dance your booty off (+ points for a workout)
    you could have like a spa night with ur underagers then sat night go out. you will only have one 21st birthday make it a good one. you'll always remember it.