Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Recap..

So I won't be able to get to my food logs and things today, but I wanted to try something new and get the week started on the right foot. You can totally participate if you want, I encourage you too! As a team (hope you don't mind but I consider us a team!), I thought it would be good to encourage others and give some feedback on what is working and what's not... So here are some general questions we can all answer about the past week
*Sidebar: First, is my 2 personal questions.
a. My birthday is January 30th. I'll be 21. I want to get my hair done and all of that but I want to loose more weight (of course) first. So I'm at 261.6, what should my goal be for Jan. 30th.. which is 25 days away? I was thinking 245 but is that too much? Maybe 250? Ugh! Help!!!! :) thanks.
b. I am seeing a Nutritionist on Wednesday morning and I am trying to make a list of questions to ask her. Can you guys think of any that should be included? And of course I'll share whatever she/he says.*

1. What kept you motivated this week?
2. What exercises (gym or at home)did you do and like best?
3. What videos did you do, that you enjoyed?
4. Any certain foods you'd like to share that you liked?
5. Recipes?
6. Why you like/dislike being apart of this team?
7. Goals for next week?

Have a GREAT week!
Phillipians 4:13: "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."


  1. 1. It was my first real week starting this.. so that kept me motivated. And honestly, this blogging thing helped a lot. It kept me really accountable. I even talked about you guys with my fiance! lol
    2. I spent an hour at the gym yesterday and did these tricep pulls and pushes.. and loved them. I did 90 of them and they really worked. My arms are my trouble spot that I want fixed before my wedding!
    3. I did the 30 day shred this week. I had a hate/love relationship with it. Loved it cause it kicked my butt, hated it cause it kicked my butt :)
    4. I stucked pretty natural this week.. not too many processed food. I loved the peanut butter with apple slices, it is simple, has protein and covers my sweet/salty tooth!
    5. Working on gatherin more recipes. I want to make a super healthy version of minestrone soup.. but still working on it.
    6. I LOVE THIS TEAM. You guys should know this!
    7. I want to loose more, of course. I would be happy with any number. I also want to go to the gym at least 3x.

  2. Hey Sam, when you go tot the layout page to add a text box to your right column the text box should have a toolbar where you can use buttons like bold, change text color and font size. That's all I use. Good luck!

  3. i would say 250 would be a good realistic goal. I dont like to set goals too high that im starving myself to reach it in time..

    1. I bought a book at WW this week that is full of motivational stories about people that have lost weight on WW. Its a great reminder.
    2. I love pilates. And i like to run on the treadmill (when i actually go to the gym)
    3. Im also a fan of the 30 day shred!
    4.I have fell in love with the smart ones breakfast sandwiches. They taste like something youd get from a fast food place.
    5. If it cant be heated up then i dont fix it so no reipes from me!
    6. I love having people that know exactly what your going through and always encouraging you.
    7. I would like to be down 3 lbs by my next weigh in and go to the gym everyday this week.

  4. You will initially lose more in your first two weeks on a regime. Then your goal should be two pounds a week. With almost 4 weeks left y ou goal should be about 8lbs. If you work really hard exercise wise and don't fumble you could make 250. You don't want to set to strict of a goal and set yourself up to fail.

  5. Make sure you set achievable goals - it will boost your confidence and make it easy to reach the next goal and the next goal and the next goal . . .

    Have you had any blood tests done to determine things such as calcium levels, iron levels, etc? If not, this may be good to check into and ask the nutritionist about.

  6. I was just think about doing the blood tests earlier today. I work in a dr's office but not my dr's office.. so i'll have to go by kaiser sometime this week. Thanks for the advice guys!