Monday, January 12, 2009


So first I'd like to say I'm really slacking on here and trying to respond to everyone and the people on BLBE too!! So if your reading this and I haven't responded to you yet.. I am truly sorry! I think about you guys during the day at least :) But my work has no computer so I can't sneak on there. And my schedule has been getting crazy!!! I will do it soon though, promise!

And.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. For all your loving comments, for all the support, and for everything! You guys keep my going :)

With Love,
Sam :)

P.S. I kicked fats butt @ the gym today. I did (and this may not sound like a lot to ppl but its a LOT for me. I did just as my trainer said!!) 20 min on the elliptical to burn 200 calories. 20 min on the bike to burn 108 calories and five minutes on the stairmaster! I was too tired to do strength training after that (Are you supposed to do them on hte same day?) and so I went to my car.. only to find out I had locked my keys in the car. Thank God Matt stayed with me.. he loves me :) My poor dad had to drive totally outta of his way (by like 20 min) to come give me the spare set.
lol. we'll call it my blonde moment of the day!


  1. sucks about locking your keys in your car! but way to kick butt!! i started 30 day shred workout today and it kicked my butt too and its only 20 minutes!! oh goodness.

  2. I hate not having time to give comments back. Makes me feel guilty!

    That's a great workout!!!

    Yay for dads coming to the rescue!!!

  3. Hey girl!! (I sent you a email last night) But I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you in my blog!!

  4. Great work out!

    Thank goodness your dad was able to get you your keys!

    Go Team Lynn!