Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Layout...

BECAUSE.. It's almost my 21st birthday!! Hollar!!!!!! I'm so excited!! I need a break and an excuse to get cute and go out with everyone :) It's only 8 days away (Jan. 30th) is the big day!!

What did you guys do for your 21st? Or if your not 21 yet, then what are you going to do??


I gotta go! Gotta head to Anatomy until 10pm!!!!!! Dang, it's a long class!


  1. Love the layout!!!! Happy Early Birthday!!!

  2. Hey girl!! I gave you a blog award!!!!

  3. Seriously my 21st was mom had me meet her at a bar when she got out of work....lined up on the bar were 21 shots of different drinks. I was wasted....she knew I wanted to celebrate with friends and she had them pick me up as long as I said I wouldn't drink anymore...I didn't but I sure did have fun those 21 shots all tasted the same after about number 15 LOL
    Happy Birthday 21 is so much fun!

  4. love the layout... yeah i didn't do anything for my 21st =( i had to work til 9:00. at the time i was a karate instructor, so me and a bunch of my students went to ruby tuesdays around 9pm... fun! lol

  5. for my 21st me and about 10 or 12 of my "closest" friends went to the cheesecake factory. i ordered some kind of peach martini. It wasnt great! lol But im not that big on drinking so it wasnt too exciting.