Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thanks Lynn!

So I was reading over at BLBE and Lynn reminded me to stay focused, even on Saturdays! For me, this Saturday I slept in and relaxed all morning. Now I'm ready to get out and do something! I usually maintain my diet and healthy eating on the weekends but I rarely get exercise! So I need to remember to stay focused on my goals.. even on the weekends.. and I'm not in for a M-F only kinda diet!!! So I've decided to go take a walk :)

"For most of us working a normal Monday to Friday 9-5 job, Saturday is our day to recoup. After a long work week wanting to veg on the couch is totally normal. Between deadlines and crazy schedules plus trying to fit in exercise, prepare healthy foods, maintain a household and have time for family and friends, no wonder all we want to do is nothing!! Weekends can be tough simply because we're out of the normal routine but they should not be a free pass to eat whatever you want and not exercise because you're been "good" all week.

Enjoy a few chapters from your book, get a little shopping done, spend time with the kids but don't forget to take time for your health. Learn to incorporate simple things like getting out a for stroll in this crisp Winter air or try out a new "good for you" recipe. Just stay accountable and make yourself proud. You ARE WORTH IT!

Just wanted to be the pain in the butt that reminds you to do your absolute best today!

PS. Did we mention how excited we are to have our Online Community officially open?! Get over there to mingle with your team members (and lovely competitors!) "



  1. Thanks for the ALWAYS appreciated, NEVER pain in the butt reminder to make today all that it can be. GOod luck to you on that as well!!!

  2. Thanks! I was just thinking about the same thing. I had a rough week (first week back after being off for seven weeks) and I could've vegged on the couch, but I went grocery shopping (which I HATE) and bought good, healthy food, and then worked out before vegging on the couch watching football. Yes, I know, I still vegged, but I did work out first! LOL Usually I slack up on the weekends too, but just didn't want to use being exhausted as yet another excuse in my life! (Sorry this went so long!)