Friday, January 2, 2009

Day #5

I just totally realized.. I haven't weighed in yet and I forgot to measure myself! Dah. Silly me! I will try and do that this weekend. I don't want to loose any weight or inches and not know about it!! I did however, do some improvements on my blog.. I think it's cute so far! Check them out! So does anyone have any big plans for the New Year?? I want to hear about them!

I was feeling lazy today (in my previous blog) and got some great words of encouragement! Thank you so much guys! You guys rock :)

So I did Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and she sort of kicked my butt! I really enjoyed it.. it's only 1/2 hour of actual workout time. She talks you through it the whole way through it and seems as if she'd understand the pain I was going through :) It did def. kick my butt though. It made me realize how not in shape I really am :( So it was great (even with a headache) and sucked at the same time. I need to get my big (literally) behind in shape! DANG IT! :) I would recommend it! Oh, and does anyone have Comcast? I don't, but Matt does. Under the "On-Demand" section, they have exercise tv section adn that's where I actually did Jill's workout (I forgot the dvd at home)! So you could get that, and a bunch of other workouts for free there. I also did 10 minutes of "Cardio Hip Hop Dance" but felt awkard cause it doesn't have music with it! lol. Let me know if you guys try it and what you think! I want to do it again tomorrow!

Breakfast: 1 peach Light N Fit yogurt (9 am)
Lunch: (@12) 1/2 veggie burrito (rice, whole beans, lettuce, tomato, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, and tortilla)
Snack: apple (@ 3)
Dinner: Chipotle chicken burrito (tortilla, chicken, sour cream, lettuce, black beans, cheese, and maybe tomatoes) *I haven't eaten it's on the way, I may eat 1/2 or the whole thing. I think I am under calories anyway*
Water: 3 liters
Exercise: Jill Michael's 30 day shred (30 minutes), Hip hip cardio dance (10 min) :)

Phillipians 4:13: "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."


  1. Yeppp.. I have On Demand and it is the best investment we ever made lol. I love all the workouts u can get on them. Thank u for all your sweet comments on my blog they are so encouraging!

  2. Great job making it through the shred! It kicked my ass too. Dang. It makes me wanna do it again so that it will get easier! :) Keep up the hard work!

  3. I have looked into getting the Jillian Michael's it cardio and strength training or just strength? What fitness level is it aimed at?

  4. It's like 3 min of cardio, 2 min of strength, then 1 min of abs.. in intervals like that. I loved it, despite it killing me. It's aimed at all fitness levels. It has 3 levels on it!