Sunday, January 25, 2009


*Warning: This post is long.. sorry :)*

I can breathe!!! lol. Sometimes I love Sundays so I can just catch up on everything, study, family time, etc. But then I HATE them all the more.. because Matt goes home on Sunday! I hate it. So here is my (long)update!!!

*On the weightloss front:*
My weigh in today is 158.0. Which is down from the last one but only by ounces. So I'm a little frustrated with it but not really. I didn't give it my whole heart this week. Sometimes I wonder how bad I reallly want this?! Ya know? I know I do. I feel it. But sometimes I get so busy with life, and all the things that come with it, that I don't want to deal with something else. I could whine and say it's not fair that my family is all skinny minnies, except me, and all the million other excuses.. but that's not my style. I gotta suck it up and get on with it.

I love reading all your guys' tips, recipes, day to day adventures.. etc. It helps me to stay back on track! But I've sort of decided to stop posting the food logs on here. I don't think anyone reads them anyway. If you want them, I can still put them up though. I need to stay on top of my food logging as well this week! I also need to make weightloss and working out a priority this week.. especially in the beginning of the week when I won't have birthday excuses! Plus, I just went grocery shopping today, so no excuses. :)

*Birthday front..*

I went to Torrid with one of my best friend's Michelle and we tried on dresses there. I just wanted to get a feel for what I wanted to wear this upcoming weekend.. but I wasn't a big fan of that many. There were some that were cute. Some that fit great, others that didn't look so hot. But my legs are suppppppppper white, I mean it is January after all. So I may just go with jeans and sexy/cute tops. (Sidenote: I cannot wait until I can wear a hot cocktail dress!) Check them out! Let me know what y ou think!
Dress #1
Dress #2
Dress #3
Back of Dress #3

I wish there were more plus size stores out there.. I mean seriously. When I was a little girl I even wanted to be a fashion designer (Had a llittle notebook full of designs and everything.. before I realized I couldn't even draw the models lol) for plus size only. They wouldn't be all the grandma looking clothes either. It would be the same stuff you found in Macy's, Abercrombie, Forever 21, whatever other store has cute clothes.. but God forbid I would add a few more (or lotta more :) yards of fabric and put a higher size on it. Big whoop. Oh, and my clothes wouldn't cost twice as much as the "normal" ones.. they'd be reasonably prices. So seriously if anyone is creative or into fashion...... DO IT! You would make BANK! :)

*On the wedding front...*

Does anyone else get completely impatient? I mean my wedding is in October, have not planned anything yet.. but part of me wants to go away and get married soon.. and call it a day. I mean I know I'm not a patient person as it is... but I want to be with him. I want out happily ever after to start as soon as possible. I hate it when he goes home on Sundays and I can't go with him. I hate that we don't live together..I can't sleep next to him or with him. We can't do the whole sex thing.. which isn't a big deal at all.. but a girl's curious! lol. So that's enough whining, sheesh. Sorry! :) I'm just a lovestruck woman who misses her man <3>

And I turned in my paper work for the mansion.. a possible (only, so far) reception place. I'm waiting to hear back from them. They should call us this week sometime and we will go set up an appointment to talk prices. I pray so hard that we get it. I'm really hoping because my dad's a pastor, they'll lower the prices!!! So we will see! I'll keep you updated on that too.
My mom brought me home a David's Bridal magazine from out of town the other day.. So I was browsing and I think I will def get my bridesmaid dresses there, if I can't find cute ones at the Jessica McClintock outlet. But I was looking in "David's women" section (a whole 3 pages..) and I wasn't too impressed with the selection. So we will see how that goes when I really start looking.

*On the School/work front...*

My dr. that I work for drove me crazy this week. I seriously thought about quitting for like a nanosecond, and then I realized how long it took me to find this job! (and how broke I was). I mean I def. have thicker skin this time around, working with her. But she HAS NO FILTER. She's the type of woman who says whatever the heck she wants, regardless of how insulting it is or rude to anyone else.. because she thinks she can. Like for instance, I was weighing a patient in the backroom and she was sitting next to the scale. She was putting little colored tags on some of the instruments she uses for like sutures, suture removals, etc.. So the pt. was like what are you doing? Her resonse, "I'm idiot proofing these stupid instruments so we can all get them right". My mouth dropped because I'm the only one who packages and cleans them and even deals with them before she gets them,s o I took offense to the comment.. Because if they were screwed up it's my fault..(and opposed to her teaching me how to do it the way she wants it, she insults me.. in a round about way.. in front of a pt) so I approached her after lunch, when she had no patients (a courtesy she does not give to myself) and she made the excuse that she wasn't referring it to me adn yadadada. I was lke whatever. lol. My point is she's rude adn selfish and doesn't thikn before she speaks... but I guess my skin will need to get a little thicker!!

School is going pretty good. Better than I though it would. It is a lot though. Like Tue & Thur I work from 9-5 and then have school from 530-10. So that is part of the reason I can't be on here as much as I used to (but thanks for followin me anyway :). I realllly like my anatomy teacher thus far. He's making it enjoyable and he's a GREAT teacher. I am def taking his Physiology class next semester. Maybe even his micro class this summer?!?! We'll see..

*On a random front...*
In my next post I will finally.. sorry guys... accept the awards I have been given. I am so sorry it took so long! I appreciate them all :)

So I was reading Kirby's recent posting and decided I'm going to start something like that... Since I wasn't special enough :) to get interviewed, I'm going to start a little game thing... and make up rules as we go :). Each one of you can ask me up to 3 questions... can be about anything.... no subject is off limits... weddinng stuff, diet stuff, personal, not personal, random, religion, politics,... whatever floats your boat. And I will answer them and then return with my own question for you. Then you can tag other people or make up your own rules and change it your way. How does that sound???
Let's Get started :)

Oh, and I got my hair done with low lites ( a fun red color) adn highltes (blonde)

Phillipians 4:13: "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."


  1. I absolutely love dress #3!

    Your hair looks great, btw!

  2. i think dress 3 is my favorite! I hope you get the mansion for your reception. It sounds like it will be beautiful. My dad is a pastor as well. How did u like growing up as a PK? Haha

  3. Cute dresses, I like #2 and the hair is GREAt, so cute!

  4. Love the hair and the top of dress #2.

  5. I love the hair, and I think dress #3 is fabulous!

  6. You are looking great, btw. LOVE the hair :)

  7. Okay... LOVE THE HAIR! So fantastic and funky! I am voting for dress #1. I think it flatters your upper body (the girls were looking good) and the way that the fabric hangs looks really smooth. I also wanted to add that #1 could include a bra with straps (black of course), which is always an added bonus!