Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm so stupid!!!!!!!!!!! I dropped my cell phone in the toilet this morning. I let it dry all day and it still won't turn on :( I'm cell phone-less! UGH! I know for the older people being cell phone-less is like whatever! But I hate driving without a phone on me, I start school on Thursday, and I'm never really home to use the house phone!!! Ugh.

:( RIP My drowned Chocolate Verizon Phone! Lol

If anyone is in the Bay Area with an extra Verizon phone that they don't need or wanna cell super cheap... let me know :)


  1. If you open it up and dry it out it might work in a couple days. my husband fell over board on the ship and his phone didn't work for 3 days...then it did.

  2. You are seriously not the only person I know to have done that! You're probably the third :P

  3. I have done that! Sorry to say, it never worked afterward. :(

  4. i have a friend who dropped her phone in drinks at the bar . twice!
    i told he r she should ease up on the drinkss ;)

  5. Oh no! A week after I got my last cell phone, I dropped it in the sink. I took it apart to let it dry out and it worked after about a week. Maybe yours will work eventually?