Thursday, January 15, 2009


I was sick these past two days.. I still don't know what's wrong with me. I was hoping it was my monthly visitor, but it's not. So I ate like crap. I went to a movie one night and had popcorn, ice cream, and skittles :/ That day all I had to eat was a side salad and cup of french onion soup.. but still. Yesterday wasn't quite as bad but still bad.

I need some encouragement!!!! Please :) My BLBE needs to get my butt. lol. I'm a little frustrated how I've lost 11 pounds but one day I can ignore that fact adn still eat like crap. Why does that happen?! Everyone is allowed to make mistakes, I know, but I wanted to be 250 by my birthday :) or at least close to 250!!!!

Late for work.. Will blog later gators.
PS Today is my first day of anatomy. SO I work 9-5 then anatomy 530-940 :/ EEK!



  1. Girl... it's just one day. You will be okay. Today is a new day and another chance. Better choices moving forward.

  2. I am sorry you have been sick. :( I have been in a slump lately too. My monthly friend came to visit which instantly put a damper on things, but that still doesn't give me an excuse for eating MCDONALDS! Ya, thats right, I said it... McDonalds! Ugh. Let's do this. No more slump. Let's kick the slump in the booty and prove that lifestyle changes CAN be made! C'mon girl, you can do it... I have faith in you. Just think how amazing you are gonna feel on your wedding day! :)

  3. I left you a little something over on my blog!!

  4. Hi there. Everybody has a bad eating day. The trick is to not let it sabotage you and all the hard work you have already done. Just get back on the program. Don't feel sorry for yourself, but remember your goal... to be a healthy bride!